The VET Foundation’s COMPASS Transition Program is a five-day holistic retreat with a curriculum providing combat-wounded veterans an opportunity to not only gain valuable employment resources, but also life planning skills to assist with their re-entry to the civilian sector. Primarily focused on career advancement, COMPASS also reinforces the significance of mental, financial, physical, spiritual, emotional and social well being to ensure long-term success for the individual.

All veterans write a personal development plan, network one-on-one with high profile professionals, learn about employment and education resources, and partner with a sponsor who, like them, has made a successful transition out of the military.

Due to the generosity of VET Foundation donors and volunteers, the COMPASS Transition Program is provided at no expense to the veteran. COMPASS is a collaborative effort to give back to our heroes.

Moving in a New Direction

COMPASS participants NETWORK one-on-one with CEOs, presidents and hiring decision makers from military-friendly companies. The ability to communicate career goals, establish high profile contacts and create a network of resources is the cornerstone of the program. Required mock interviews with professionals offer attendees a unique chance to practice selling their skills, obtain advice for improvement and build confidence.

Throughout the week, subject matter experts, academics, and industry professionals EDUCATE participants about career resources, veteran programs, industries, resume building, interviewing, college and a variety of relevant subjects. Topics covered include managing finances, handling stress, positive attitude, physical fitness and nutrition.

Every veteran is assigned a SPONSOR, a Team Leader that is committed to their individual progress. All COMPASS Team Leaders are professionals who have successfully transitioned out of the military and into the civilian workplace. Follow up at regular intervals after the retreat ensures continued support to each participant.

A professional life coach works with every veteran to WRITE a personal development plan that identifies limiting beliefs, establishes core values, sets personal goals and defines a methodology to achieve them.

Do you qualify?

Click here for qualifications, if you fall outside of the parameters please contact us anyway, often times we have availability in our courses and may be able to get you in.

Providing Opportunity

“I was at a point where I was looking for a job for 3 months before getting out of the Marines and nothing was panning out. It wasn’t due to a lack of effort, but finding the contacts necessary to get an interview. At the retreat I devised a detailed resume which gave me direction and new perspective for finding a job. Not only was I able to meet incredible professional contacts, but also develop myself mentally for the adjustment. As a result of networking at the event, I am now a branch manager for a staffing company in Los Angeles. I have my own apartment, a cat, and really enjoy my life at this point. Once you serve in the military and make the commitment to your country, its hard to walk away and transition to a whole new life. I do enjoy it though, and I just wanted to tell you again how thankful I am for the opportunity – your program is working.” - Matt H. (June 2008 Participant)